Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mama Said Knock You Out: Daiquiri Express' T.K.O.

This photo from the Daiquiri Express facebook fan page must be from their second location, but looks similar to the main location.  Kinda surreal.

It was bound to happen sooner or later: My first post about Daiquiri Express, the daiquiri shop that I love to hate.  Why hate?  You know, that's a difficult question to answer tactfully.  So I won't even try.  The average bartender at Daiquiri Express, at least in my experience, is a tweaked-out Juggalo who looks like he could possibly have driven to work in a rolling methlab.  Usually, when I walk in, he is engaged in some form of shady business with a shady character at the far end of the bar who doesn't have a drink.  Now there is a manager - I've encountered him a couple of times - but he doesn't clean up so well, either.  In fact, the manager genuinely reminds me of Paul Naschy's original Spanish version of The Wolfman.  Add to that the fact that the menu board reads like the tracklisting from a Young Jeezy album ("Liquid Cocaine," anyone?), and this place is so Shreveportastic.  Not that this is a bad thing - I just personally get annoyed when folks say they're afraid to go to the Cajun Daiquiri on E. 70th Street, but they'll gladly go to Daiquiri Express.  Daiquiri Express is the scarier of the two, if you're paying attention.

But if you love daiquiris, you have to love Daiquiri Express.  My personal favorite of their 58-item menu is the "T.K.O.," a combination of the aforementioned Liquid Cocaine and Monkey Shine.  Liquid Cocaine is basically a less-fruity Pina Colada and the Monkey Shine involves banana, chocolate, and milk, but somehow when you blend the two, you end up with what essentially tastes like an alcoholic "Coke Float."  On the off chance that any of my four readers are from Springhill, Louisiana - this essentially tastes like a "Frosty Coke" from Master Chef in Springhill.  This is one delicious and stout daiquiri.  Daiquiris with milk are kind of a house specialty here - they make an amazing White Russian, and a cool variation on the White Russian called the Colorado Bulldog (a White Russian with a splash of Coke, which is so much better than it sounds). 

Daiquiri Express is located in the "Round Building" at the Shreve-City shopping center.  Their daily Happy Hour is 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., during which all drinks are Buy One Get One Free. 

Other notable details of Daiquiri Express:

-No drive-thru (sad face)
-They're also pretty proud of their enormous Jell-O shots, which are served in huge plastic syringes.
-Prices range from $4.25 (12 oz.) to $11.25 (44 oz.)...in other news, 44 OZ. DAIQUIRIS?!  South of I-10, serving a 44 oz. daiquiri could get you brought up on manslaughter charges!
-Gift certificates are available!  Gotta love a daiquiri shop with gift certificates! 


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