Monday, December 20, 2010

Off-Menu at Cajun Daiquiri on East 70th Street

The "Skittles" Daiquiri, a gateway to another dimension available at the E.70th Street Cajun Daiquiri.  Note the extra pair of "handcuffs," my friend Mark's slang for the tape across a daiquiri lid.

Tonight I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Mr. Allen Taylor, manager of the Cajun Daiquiri on East 70th Street in Shreveport, easily the most interesting of the four Cajun Daiquiri locations in Shreveport-Bossier City.  Mr. Taylor's menu is well-known in town for including drinks with such insane and wonderful titles as "Pimp Juice," "Shake Them Haters Off," and "Beat Up the Drawer."  I still have no idea what the "beat up the drawer" means, and I've drank a half dozen or so of those bad boys.  But the real fireworks show isn't on the menu at all.  Mr. Taylor's gonzo daiquiri masterpieces are strictly word-of-mouth, and they are (in my opinion) the following:

"Skittles" - they literally just squirt a drop of each of the 20 or so fruity flavors offered at Cajun into the cup, the resulting chimera being an extremely tart, fruity, sugar coma-inducing atom bomb of day glo booze.  It's fantastic.

"Barack Obama" - Yes.  Cajun Daiquiri has a daiquiri named after the President.  Allen Taylor says this concoction was his idea.  I ask him if the drink is red, white, and blue, to which he responds "No, it's red, brown, and blue."  He lets that sink in for a second before adding "We replaced the white with the brown."  The drink is apparently a huge seller, especially on days when Obama is in the news.  Who says people are apathetic?

What could be better than a 44-ounce Barack Obama after a hard day at the office?  Well, Cajun Daiquiri on E. 70th has 24/7 2-for-1 specials (it's a constant happy hour essentially), so they needed to create a nice companion drink to the Barack Obama.  You guessed it...they have a daiquiri named the Michelle Obama.  It's a mixture of Wild Screw, Sex on the Beach, and Fuzzy Navel - I think maybe Mr. Taylor finds the First Lady attractive.  And since you can mix-and-match daiquiris using the 2-for-1 special, you can literally just pull up to the drive-thru window and ask for "The Obamas."  Only in Shreveport!

I personally ordered myself a Skittles today, but I will be drinking The Obamas soon.  See, that just sounds creepy.


  1. I can't tell you how much I value this insider knowledge. I always considered eggnog to be my favorite, but how do I know what I don't even know?

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